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Other agencies bump up tutor hourly rates by up to 80% or charge up to £25 to speak to a tutor. We don't.

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Don't pay your tutor a penny for your first session unless you are completely satisfied

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Find your perfect tutor at their lowest price. Guaranteed. No commission. No mandatory 'introduction' fees.

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Personalised one-to-one tutoring is proven to deliver a 5 month increase in academic ability

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1. Tell us what you're struggling with

Our tutors created the simplest of forms to help you tell them exactly what you need. It takes moments to complete and it’s a real time saver! 

Simply complete your free advert and you’ll have access to our amazing private network of over 700 tutors. Your identity remains completely private.

Trusted tutors. Here to help.

Search, compare and message as many of our tutors as you like using our secure online messaging system, completely free of charge. Our unique, side by side, quick comparison tool allows you to narrow down your options until you are ready to telephone interview and hire your favourite(s).

It's safe, easy and free

2. Search, compare and message tutors

3. Hire top quality tutors at unbeatable prices

We don’t bump up tutor prices with hidden commissions - some agencies add up to 80%! Nor do we ask you to pay up to £25 to unlock the contact details of your favourite tutor. 

With Tutorsave you get the best results, from the best tutors at the best prices.

Unlike other agencies, Tutorsave let you unlock the contact details of your favourite tutor free of charge - subsequent unlocks are just £4.95 per tutor, a fraction of the cost of other agencies.

Lowest Price Guarantee

4. The trusted way to hire your perfect tutor

Nobody takes your child's safety more seriously. Stay in control throughout the whole hiring process with our must-read 5-step SafeHire Guide for parents. Your tutor will be happy to evidence the following...

Secure tutor vetting process

Reviews and/or references

Subject qualifications

Tutoring experience

The Trust & Safety Centre maintains our high quality standards by providing parents and tutors with rigorous interview, hiring and safety guidelines. There is also an option to keep a permanent record of your tutor agreement on file for free. 

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No commission

No mandatory fixed fees

£4.95 optional upgrade

Why not try online tutoring for even better value?

Choose from a wider selection of top tutors across the whole of the UK, from as little as £10 per hour for personalised 1-to-1 learning

All of our tutors have access to the World's #1 online recordable classroom to deliver you the best quality online sessions, anywhere!

How does online tutoring work?

Bigger choice. Smaller price.

Our small BIG Print

Hard working families and tutors deserve transparency and are demanding better value for money. It’s time to stop hiding mandatory commissions and fees and start focusing on a fairer deal for parents and tutors.

How do you compare to other UK tutoring agencies?

See for yourself. We have no complicated tiering systems or finder's fees. Just a simple, direct approach with a 0% flat rate of commission, no markup and no mandatory fixed fees.

Agencies like to hide commissions and markups letting you think that the tutor is receiving all of your money. As shows, this is not true. 

At MyTutor, for example, parents are charged £18 per hour for a tutor that is only getting paid £10 per hour. This is an 80% mark up or a 44% commission per session.

Fixed fee agents like TutorHunt and FirstTutors can appear good value, but what if a parent only wants a few tutor sessions or wants to change tutors? Paying up to £24.99 for three £15/hr tutor sessions is actually a 55% mark up.

Tutorsave is free to use and what you see is what the tutor gets. In other words, they receive 100% of their quoted hourly rate, so when you pay £18 per hour you know you are getting full value for money. November 2017

If you don't charge commission, how do you make money?

There must be a catch, right? We’re pleased to say there isn't. You can message any tutors on the site and unlock the contact details of your favourite tutor free of charge. Subsequent unlocks are charged at £4.95 per tutor, a fraction of the cost of other agencies. Whilst optional, some parents like to telephone interview up to 5 tutors before making their decision, which is why we have made unlocking additional tutors so affordable.

As requested by tutors, we also offer them the opportunity to pay a small fee to unlock their own details and appear higher in the search rankings. 

We estimate that up to 95% of our users will never pay us a penny.

Why don't other agencies tell me how much their tutors are paid?

If you charge your customers a mark-up of up to 80% per session, ultimately, it is an embarrassing conversation and one that can't be justified any more. To avoid red faces, agencies tend to bury their commission rates deep within the tutor section of their websites and make it feel like a taboo subject. We have evidenced situations where agencies go to extraordinary lengths to keep tutors' wages hidden. These include, not responding when asked directly and, even worse, flat out lying to their customers.

How does online tutoring work on Tutorsave?

Online tutoring is just like traditional in-person tutoring, but it takes place in an interactive online classroom with your chosen tutor. Simply agree a time for the lesson, login and start learning. Easy as that!

We partner with Zoom© to give all of our tutors free access to the World's No.1 recordable online classroom, used by over 5000 leading Universities. It is proven, simple and ranked #1 by customers. We care that our tutors have access to the best online teaching platform. Unlike other UK online agencies, we don't need to build yet another online classroom that works as a 'commission room' because we don't take commission. With Tutorsave, you simply schedule and attend an online lesson with your tutor, then pay them directly.

Also, with so many Universities now using Zoom©, wouldn't it be better to become skilled in a universal online classroom, rather than mastering a bespoke platform only used by a single tutor agency?

Find out more about Zoom©

How do you protect my privacy as a parent?

TutorSave uses encryption technology to ensure the highest levels of security for all users. We take a lot of care to ensure discretion and privacy protection for parents...

Surname (family name) not public

Home address not public

Child's name not required

Option for online tutoring

Is it easy to get started?

Yes, very. It takes less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is register as a parent, place a free advert and we'll have you matched up with top tutors in no time.

Loved by parents and tutors

"If only I'd known about this earlier, I could have saved myself a small fortune in commissions and fees"

Best value

"At last an organisation interested in exploiting potential... not parents and tutors!"


"Finally a tutor company that tells it as it really is. Clear, transparent and much fairer for parents and tutors."


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